FIRST in Mexico

Sparking FIRST Robotics to Local Schools

One of our students discussed starting an FLL team with a local elementary school, and also spoke to the nearby university for technical and financial support.


A MakeShift student travelled to Mexico in July 2018 to pitch FIRST Robotics to elementary schools and universities. He provided information to schools about FIRST in general, and the team continues to provide information about the program and support with the hope of starting FIRST on a larger scale. The outreach opportunity has the potential to expand by establishing university support for future FLL teams and events. A second trip is planned for the summer of 2019.


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Founding Team

FRC 4039 - MakeShift Robotics
From Hamilton, ON, Canada
FRC 4039 - MakeShift Robotics
From Hamilton, ON, Canada
MakeShift students and mentors pride ourselves on doing the most with what we have and then working really hard to expand our resources; engineering the rainbow and having fun along the way!

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