Bringing STEM to the Dominican Republic!

MakeShift donates team shirts, collected Lego, and team-built renewable lighting as part of St Mary’s annual mission to the Dominican Republic.


The goal of Lego DREAMS is to allow impoverished communities in the Dominican Republic to access a STEM education through FIRST Robotics resources and items to improve their every day lives. This includes sending NXT’s, game mats, laptops, and Lego. Additionally, we also send members of our team down with the program to deliver the donations and work with the kids in their schools. In 2018, MakeShift introduced ‘Make A Spark’, where team members built LED Lights to help provide light during community power outages.


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Founding Team

FRC 4039 - MakeShift Robotics
From Hamilton, ON, Canada
FRC 4039 - MakeShift Robotics
From Hamilton, ON, Canada
MakeShift students and mentors pride ourselves on doing the most with what we have and then working really hard to expand our resources; engineering the rainbow and having fun along the way!

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