Girls R Brilliant

Celebrating the brilliance of female STEM role models!

MakeShift's Girls R Brilliant campaign highlight's the hidden female figures of the STEM field to inspire the next generation of female STEM enthusiasts and show our girls that they too are brilliant!


Research studies show that people identify certain occupations or careers with people who are singularly brilliant. Data reveals that these same fields have a much lower percentage of females than the general population. Society needs all the problem-solvers we can muster. Losing almost half of our cleverest minds due to stereotypes leaves us all short. We need to inspire today’s young women by providing them with examples of brilliant women. These role models, which our girls may not otherwise ever hear about, will show them what great things they can accomplish by not hiding their smarts. Our girls need to hear that we need them to embrace their brilliance. MakeShift has developed our “Girls Are Brilliant” campaign to promote science and technology career paths for young women. Over fourteen consecutive days, our high school students are highlighting (through word of mouth and social media) 14 amazing women who have demonstrated their brilliance in a science or technology-related field. For each woman, our researchers provided an image and a short description of their accomplishments. Videos are published on our YouTube channel. Hard copies of these slides are posted daily in the halls of St. Mary, and hard copies are also circulated to each of our elementary feeder schools for daily discussion.


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FRC 4039 - MakeShift Robotics
From Hamilton, ON, Canada
FRC 4039 - MakeShift Robotics
From Hamilton, ON, Canada
MakeShift students and mentors pride ourselves on doing the most with what we have and then working really hard to expand our resources; engineering the rainbow and having fun along the way!


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