A convenient carpool connecting application for schools and businesses

LostExhaust is an application that connects nearby colleagues, so that they could potentially carpool. Carpooling allows for a lower carbon footprint, and closer community.


LostExhaust takes advantage of the fact that everyone is going to and from the same place. By connecting people with those who live near them and drive a similar route everyday, carpooling becomes a simple way to save time and fuel while helping the environment by reducing carbon emissions. While other technologies either make users input a specific circle of friends or introduce users to strangers, LostExhaust uses trusted communities such as schools or businesses to expand sustainable carpools without compromising the information and safety of users. LostExhaust won the 2015 $10,000 Lexus EcoChallenge prize.


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Founding Team

FRC 1540 - Flaming Chickens
From Portland, Oregon, United States
FRC 1540 - Flaming Chickens
From Portland, Oregon, United States
We apply our FIRST skills to engineer for our community, make an impact by running multiple offseason events, and make FIRST loud!


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