FTC 6040, Canton Robodogs

From Canton, MA, USA

Our team values the importance of sustainability and FIRST Ideals. We mentor 13 FIRST teams, hold dozens of events in our town, work with local organizations, to build a stronger STEAM/FIRST presence


    Hello! We are team #6040 the Canton Robodogs, a 6 year veteran team based out of Canton High School. We are a Inspire, Connect, Rockwell Collins Innovate, and alliance captain winning team having competed in the MASS state championship for the past 4 years and East Super Regional Competition for the past 2. 
      We currently mentor 13 FIRST robotics teams and implemented FIRST into our districts school system currently reaching 150 students on a weekly basis not including all of the additional robotics camps, town wide expos, robotics tours, demonstrations, and numerous other outreach events to spread the ideals of FIRST and get more students involved! We honestly  work so hard to ensure that all the students in our district get the opportunity to be part of a FIRST robotics team. We have accumulated more than 2000+ hours of outreach for this years 2017-2018 Relic Recovery season and we have so much more to do. Please contact us with any questions: Cantonrobodogs@gmail.com !!


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