FTC 3737, Hank's Tanks

From Natick, MA, United States

We do fundraisers, reach out to teams in need of robot building guidance, run robot and science camps for middle schoolers, and demo our robot at public events a lot.


There is a lot so I will just break it up into categories.

Robot Demonstrations: We spread the word of FIRST by letting others drive our robot. We reach out to hospitals, libraries, town events, etc.

Visit STEM jobs: We go to labs to see what they do, helps give members a better feel for what a job in STEM is like as well as connects us with companies.

Robot and Science Camps: We run 2 different camps every year for middle schoolers, one in april and one in the summer. The first one is called STEM camp( which attracts 20-30 students a year) where basically we do fun STEM related activities(water rockets, M and M evolution, growing bacteria, paper airplanes, and a lot more).

Raffles and Donut Selling: We raffled off a Roomba donated to us by iRobot and sold Krispy Kreme Donuts through Krispy Kreme FUNdraising program.

We also made a tutorial for FTC teams as well as visit FTC teams to help them build.


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