FTC 14147, High Voltage Couch Bananas

From Eagle, ID, USA

Alliance Partner

2016, 2017 South Idaho Champions, 2017 Houston World Festival Champions Finalist


The High Voltage Couch Bananas enjoyed their rookie FLL year with Trash Trek in 2015, and have since continued to grow in FIRST experiences. Mentoring new teams along the way through Skype and now on a bi-weekly video meeting called Mindstorm Mondays, the Bananas have grown to interact with teams from around the world. In 2017-18, they launched several pilot programs including an FLL jr. rookie year support program where they currently coach 6 teams, and a robotics as therapy pilot with a regional children's hospital.


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Team Program(s)

Mindstorm Mondays

Tips, techniques, and Inspiration for your team via live web Video

Mindstorm Mondays

Online, informal Q & A, every other Monday for FLL teams and coaches during the FLL regular season (through Dec) and by schedule or request in the extended season
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