FRC 4607, C.I.S.

From Becker, Minnesota,

Innovation cannot happen in isolation is not just our motto - it is how we operate on every single level.


FRC 4607 hails from Becker, Minnesota - a small town with a population of 4000 people. We have strived to bring FIRST to the Central MN and beyond. We have built a strong robotics regimen within our School district that offers all levels of FIRST programs. Currently we have 3 FLL Jr, 5 FLL, 6 FTC and our FRC team here in Becker. These programs reach over 180 students in our district. Our outreach events and partners have reached tens of thousands over numerous states, timezones, and countries.

Our JUMPSTART Training event at SCSU is the largest FRC training event in the world with 861 attendees in 2018. Overall our JUMPSTART events have reached over 2500 people in just four seasons! We are expanding beyond SCSU and our state borders in 2019. If you are interested in how to host a JUMPSTART event, please ask!

NDSU's GreenHorns Ri3d has been a fabric of FRC 4607 since 2015. However, Bison Robotics has now found a home in Fargo - we will miss the interaction between the Bisons and CIS, but we are grateful for the time we had together - We wish the GreenHorns good luck in the future!

Our SpecCheck event is a critical event for our team and for FRC. It is the first look at the current season's Inspection Regulations by a Lead Robot Inspector. In the last 4 seasons of hosting this event, we have had 3 different areas of concern. The largest concern addressed was 2018's frame/hardware rule change that caught many teams unaware. The other two had to deal with radio connectivity (2017) and bumper numerals (2016).

C.I.S has been fortunate to find success in FRC. We have been State Champions, Regional Winners, and EI winners. We have mentored started and mentored over 25 FRC teams. The teams we have mentored have won over 15 awards including 3 Regional Winners and 5 Rookie All-Stars. We have had help from numerous teams along the way (967, 1816, 2175, 3023, and many others). Realizing this we have created programs and organizations such as the Central MN Robotics Hub which grew from 6 teams in 2015 to 20 currently. Our mentor helpline grew into a state-wide initiative in Minnesota in 2018. We understood the need to celebrate FRC across platforms and initiated the first-ever FIRST at The Minnesota United - the only partnership with a pro-sports organization in MN. We are now working with the MN Twins for an event in 2019. Finally, our HAC's have grown into a phenomenon that spans across MN and the rest of the United States.


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