FRC 1902, Exploding Bacon

From Orlando, Florida, USA

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We send science kits around the world, inspire women and girls to pursue their interests in STEM through viral videos, and help connect FIRST teams worldwide.


We were founded in 2006, and since we have strived to make an impact on our community and world. Since then we have been a large community presence, averaging more than a thousand student volunteer hours each year, and we have been creating and growing STEM programs and initiatives. Our team has earned multiple awards across the seasons and would love to help teams with their submissions.

Spark is a program that works to send reusable science kits around the world to children with few resources to impact their communities through education. 83 kits have been sent to 30 countries so far with phenomenal feedback.

In 2016 we launched our #FIRSTLikeAGirl (FLAG) video campaign to inspire girls to pursue their passions and join all levels of FIRST. #FIRSTLikeAGirl is a viral video campaign that has captured the attention of thousands across social media. So far, #FIRSTLikeAGirl has showcased 52 videos of female role models of all ages and backgrounds sharing their FIRST story in the hope of instilling confidence in young women to follow their dreams.

Big Bacon Theory of Image and Marketing
We have presented our Big Bacon Theory of Imagery and Marketing workshop at local regionals and the world championship for the past 7 years. We share our experience creating a strong brand for ourselves and provide advice for teams to grow their own image. We place an emphasis on maximizing resources to reap the benefits of a strong image in order to help create more sustainable teams with regards to sponsor and student retention.


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Empower girls with the confidence to follow their dreams in FIRST


Spark Imagination in Every Child


A social media movement to encourage girls in STEM and FIRST. By showcasing the many incredible women of FIRST and their stories, girls can find role models who they identify with and are inspired by.
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Our mission is to empower children everywhere to grow into tomorrow's problems solvers.
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