From Boynton Beach, Florida, USA

Alliance Partner

We mentor other FLL teams, we support STEM efforts at our school and are a STEM partner with the South Florida Science Center


1.we started this summer volunteering at a weeklong camp run by the AAUW (American Association of University Women) an all girls STEM camp--we taught into EV3 programming

  1. we partner with our local Science Museum--we have demonstrated/shared robots at their Engineer day, GEMS Nights (girls enjoying math & science) , Mini Make Faire
  2. We host Open practices and Qualifying practices
  3. Skye with other teams sometimes to just share our ideas other times to mentor (so far this season we have met with team from Netherlands, Louisiana and a local team)
  4. We mentor a rookie teams--both at our school and local area school
  5. Last year and hopefully this year the FLL team will volunteer at the FTC team, mostly as field resetters
  6. Any and all events at our school we showcase our team--STEM Open House, Scientist of the Month etc.
  7. We take our robots to the local retirement community once a year -- we have one programmed with the music notes to play the National Anthem and we open their meeting for them and then share what we are doing for the year with our project.
  8. We are presently assisting a team via email with their code--they are rookies and trying some line following and having a few minor problems. They can't skyp do to their meeting times so email is working.
  9. We partner with our local FRC team--they mentor us and we go to their tournaments to support them.

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