FLL 51, Not the Droids You Are Looking For

From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

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The Droids are a veteran FIRST team from Pennsylvania. They are the Champion's Award Winner from World Festival 2018.


Not the Droids You Are Looking For is a veteran team from Pittsburgh, PA. We are commonly known as "the Droids". We have won both robot game and Champion's awards numerous times and competed in five international-level tournaments including World Festival. Our FIRST family extends to teams around the world thanks to these experiences.

In 2014, we founded our Coopertition website, EV3Lessons.com which started off as an FLL research project. Through this site, today, we teach over 250,000 students in 175 countries. We collaborate with 40 or more FLL, FTC, and FRC teams to create materials for the site, as well as run workshops in our community as well as multiple states. Our lessons are incorporated into the FIRST Steps curriculum for teams. All our materials are free and open-source because we believe that every team should have access to the same high-quality materials.

We have mentor teams from around the world. In fact, in 2016, we coached a FIRST LEGO League team. This team won Champion's at States and headed to World Festival. In 2017, we won the Coach/Mentor award at World Festival for our dedication to mentoring other teams.

In addition to EV3Lessons.com, we also manage a Facebook Group called FLL: Share & Learn which has nearly 3,000 members helping each other. The group is based on the FIRST Core Values. Anyone is welcome to join.

Our newest creation is FLL Tutorials. Here, we plan to have lessons and resources for FIRST LEGO League teams. This site will be launching in the summer of 2018.


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"Hands down the best EV3 programming site around."

FLL: Share & Learn

An Online FIRST LEGO League Community Group

FLL Tutorials

Fueling Your Team's Learning


EV3Lessons.com supports all FIRST LEGO League teams world wide. Collaborating with FIRST teams globally, they have created the go-to cooperation site for the FLL program.
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FLL: Share & Learn

This group is intended to inspire and support current teams, coaches, mentors, organizers, and volunteers. Nearly 2000 rookie and experienced teams from all over the world are represented.
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FLL Tutorials

FLL Tutorials will be launching in the summer of 2018. Our focus is lessons and resources for FIRST LEGO League.
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