FLL 484, Blockheads

From Sylvania, Ohio, USA

We are a team of 8 from Sylvania Ohio


Our team name is based on Charlie Brown’s cartoon character. He was called a blockhead, but he was a friend to all. Charlie Brown is a guy who in the face of repeated failures always picks himself back up and tries again. We aspire to be the same where we always have a positive attitude and do great things by taking small steps. We also like to have a lot of fun. We promote FIRST and Sylvania STEM Center at our schools and all STEM-related events. We are a very diverse team from 3 different schools, ranging from 6th to 8th grade. However, we include each of our team members in all aspects of FLL, even though everyone on our team has a specific role. We have learnt each other’s strengths and know who to reach out to when we need help. For example, we all researched one problem related to this year’s Into Orbit season and then further brainstormed with each other to narrow down our solution. Each one of us also built at least part of an attachment when our robot was ready. We all take turns to bring snacks at our meetings.




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