FLL 39633, Toxic Taco Tuesday

From Orlando, FL, USA

A rookie FLL team.


The Toxic Taco Tuesdays are a rookie team with 10 members, 1 mentor, and 2 coaches . We have been to a pre-qualifier and won robot high-score. We are going to our qualifier on the 19th and expect to do well. We hosted a pre-qualifier at our school. Our problems for project are claustrophobia, comfort, loneliness, and entertainment. Our solution to these is to put astronauts into different environments to change how their feeling. For example if you were bored on a spaceship to is confined and boring. You could play Beat Saber or some other game on the V.R. headset onboard to be entertained. For Core values we participated in Go Baby Go UCF. Go Baby Go is a organization for baby’s who can’t walk, crawl, or in some cases move. We modified miniature electric cars for them so they can feel like a normal kid and participate in kid things. We hope to do coopertition with a team soon. Our robot does 8 missions and scores 150 points. We are using tank treads and a sturdy base to help with accuracy. There is a large motor on the front for most of our missions.

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