FLL 3420, Squirtle Squad

From orlando, FL, USA

A team of five rookie 7th graders from Lake Highland Prep who are having fun and solving problems.


We are a team of 7th graders from Lake Highland Prep. This is our first year doing robotics but our coach has been doing it for a long time. We are called Squirtle Squad because we learned to program by knocking down a stuffed Squirtle Pokemon toy over and over again using different sensors. Our team cheer is Silence on 3! Silence on 3! And then we all become silent.

Our robot name is RobotGorillaApe. It is robust, and it also has consistent navigation with very little wheel slippage. We designed a test for wheel slippage and tested RobotGorillaApe against other robots we designed.

People use too much water when they fill up their bathtubs. Sometimes they fill the bathtubs up too high and can even overflow the bathtubs. We made something we call a Water Detection System. The Water Detection System connects to your bathtub and makes a beeping sound once the water gets too high. We shared the Water Detection System with Deidra Irwin; a water conservation specialist at The St. John’s River Water Management District. We also shared it with four representatives from the science group CERN.




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