FLL 286, Aurora

From Diyarbak?r , Turkey

The team that understands the importance of Gracious Professionalism. More of a team than a family. With the ambition and love of people who would never greet each other on their ways before.


A team that likes to have fun with each other and shows it without any shame so once a week we get together and watch cartoons. We love to help people. Gracious Professionalism ,the most valuable term we can reach, the values we have gained throughout the tournament as much as we reach the individual and spread them to fll we are very lucky to join a tournament like this, but we have friends, brothers, sisters who are not as lucky as we are so our first aim is to make sure they are informed about this. We have reached 29 cities and teams from Turkey and we have even crossed the borders of our country, and we have contacted the FLL and FRC teams from the Netherlands, Brazil, India, America, Spain, Israel and many other countries. In our school, we hosted 100 8th grade student for 2 days and explained our experiences, the process of FLL; we went to our school's secondary school campus and organized a STEM+A day there; we used the cinema show as a festival in the style of science workshops and used the income we gained to introduce more children with science! Then we went to 4 different schools and entered 34 classes and introduced FLL to more than 1000 of our brothers and sisters, we even drew the robot of our dreams and played games with them all day,, we want to form an FLL Junior Team in their schools next year.




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