FLL 10240, Aqua Lifters

From Oviedo, Florida, United States of America

We are team 10240 the Aqua Lifters. Our team is exploring ways to help reduce the amount of extra water going into sewer pipes from illegal connections made by homeowners.


We are from Jackson Heights Middle School located in Oviedo Florida. Our team was founded in 2013 during the Natures Fury season. In this years theme for Hydro Dynamics our team has researched illegally tapping into sewage pipelines and how they have affected the human water cycle. The sewer pipes that we are researching were not made to handle the excessive amounts of water. We want to help reduce the number of people who illegally tap into the sewage pipelines systems. Illegally tapping into sewage pipes is when a homeowner takes off their cap to their pipe and drains their pool or anything else into the sewage pipeline. The pipeline is a direct way to reach their lift station which could overflow. To solve this problem, our team has designed a lock to cover the pipe and give it protection which blocks people from illegally tapping into their pipes. While researching we shared with many people like Rob Denis a Water Resource Engineer and Michael Wilt an engineer from Siemens. Both of these men gave us constructive criticism and great feedback on our lock and ways to improve it. Our team has learned a lot through this process, and we plan on presenting our ideas at the Florida State tournament.


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