About Spotlight

The FIRSTAlliances Spotlight program is designed to give exposure to awesome FIRST teams and their programs. Each week, we select a team or program entry to be the week's Spotlight; they get a shoutout from us in the form of a post on all of the FIRSTAlliances social media accounts and a "Spotlight" tag on their entry page. We Spotlight entries with the hope that the extra exposure will help the entry grow more by attracting them additional users, new sponsors, and/or other FIRST teams who help out.

Selection Criteria

There's a few basic criteria a team or program's entry must meet before they can get spotlighted:

  • Have all entry information (such as the descriptions and tags) filled out
  • Your page has no content that would go against our content policies
  • Have not already been spotlighted in the past 3 months

  • Tips

    While these aren't requirements to get spotlighted, following these tips will give you a much higher chance of getting selected!

  • Have a logo and/or banner image uploaded
  • Have decent length short and long descriptions (close-ish to the character limit)
  • Have a website link

  • Fair Play

    Our spotlight program is meant to help teams and programs grow so that they can impact and reach more people. Spotlight is not meant to provide unfair advantages to certain FIRST teams during their competition season. Because of this, we won't spotlight any FIRST team (or their programs) during a week where they are competing. This applies especially to the weeks of the FIRST Championships; no Houston teams will be spotlighted during the Houston Championship, and no Detroit teams will be spotlighted during the Detroit Championship.

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