Fostering Longevity of Adjusting Teams

FLOAT is Roaring Riptide's (RR) initiative to help all teams thrive in FIRST. From teaching teams how competitions work to how to build a robot, FLOAT strives to increase team sustainability in FL.


Of the 25 Floridian rookie teams founded in 2012, RR is 1 of only 7 that are still active. Shocked by the low number of remaining teams, we started FLOAT. FLOAT stands for Fostering Longevity of Adjusting Teams, & its goal is to assist & mentor teams having a difficult time remaining afloat in FIRST. Through email, video chats, & traveling a combined 2,476.2 miles, FLOAT has helped 5 FRC teams in North Florida over the past 3 years: FRC 6184, 6468, 6609, 6322, & 6850. FLOAT helps those students learn mechanical, electrical, & software skills that are essential for building a robot. In addition, we teach them that FIRST is not only about robots by explaining the importance of outreach, marketing, & imagery. For example, we helped 6850 with shirt design choices to help them succeed at competition. Another goal of FLOAT is to build relationships with other teams by working to enhance their FIRST experience. We have cheered with teams during their matches & assisted them during competitions by providing parts & helping them fix their robots. At the 2017 Orlando Regional, FRC Team 6609 had a complication with their lodging situation, almost forcing them to leave the competition entirely. With the help of RR & FLOAT team 6184, we found & organized hotel accommodations, which allowed them to continue to stay & compete at the regional. Additionally, current rookie team 6850, following our example, has already taken the initiative to mentor a struggling veteran team in their area.

Founding Team

FRC 4118 - Roaring Riptide
From Gainesville, FL
Alliance Partner
FRC 4118 - Roaring Riptide
From Gainesville, FL
Roaring Riptide students use skills learned through FIRST to foster sustainable teams nationwide, adapt toys for children with disabilities, and provide public demonstrations to promote STEM.

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