FTC 11104, The Bearded Pineapples

From Kirkland, WA, USA

We are an all-girls team based in Kirkland. Our main outreach program is working with Girl Scouts of Western Washington to create more all-girls robotics teams, specifically FTC teams.


We are the Bearded Pineapples, FTC team #11104 located in Redmond, Washington. We are an all-girl team (8 girls) affiliated with Girl Scouts of Western Washington. The Bearded Pineapples are working with Girl Scouts to start a Girl Scout FTC program. Our team was started in 2014 during the ‘FLL World Class’ challenge. We participated in FLL for two years (during "World Class" and "Trash Trek") and got to State both times. After our last competition during "Trash Trek", we decided that we wanted to move on to FTC and started our FTC preseason two months later.

We started working with Girl Scouts of Western Washington during the Velocity Vortex season to mostly help them understand what they would need to buy or what they would need to start FIRST Tech Challenge teams. We also have hosted and attended some outreach events to advertise this program. As of the Relic Recovery season, 4 Girl Scouts of Western Washington teams exist (including our team) and we are working on getting even more teams started for the next season. We also attended a Girl Scouts of Western Washington event hosted by Google where the the program received a $50,000 grant from Google.

We have also done outreach at other events, like Geek Girl Con, Seafair, and GE2.


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