FRC 4468, Fernbank LINKS

From Atlanta, Georgia, USA

LINKS has offered it's signature STEM program Science Night Out since 2004. The team also has programs supporting all aspects of FIRST LEGO League.


Science Night Out is an evening packed with hands-on STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities for kids, led by Fernbank scientists, and students and mentors of the Fernbank LINKS Robotics team. Four events are held every spring at Fernbank Science Center. Fernbank LINKS trains 70 DeKalb County School District middle and elementary school FIRST LEGO League (FLL) teams. The trainings consist of generic skills such as robot design, attachments, and programming. Game specific trainings address judging areas such as Robot Design, Project, Core Values, game strategy, and use of sensors. We also host scrimmages where teams try out their robot on a competition field and have mock interviews with judging panels. This not only prepares the FLL teams, but also trains new volunteers and LINKS members for the FLL tournaments we host. Our trainings and scrimmages are FREE for FLL teams to take advantage of. The LEGO Robotics Camp features activities centered around the current FIRST LEGO League Robotics game and will include training in building a robot, strategizing the best way to complete missions, use of sensors, programming, and friendly competition among campers.


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