FRC 3284, Camdenton LASER

From Camdenton, Missouri, USA

Camdenton LASER 3284 was founded in 2009 and was the inaugural FIRST FRC team in central Missouri. LASER currently has 1 in every 14 students on a FIRST team in the district.


Camdenton LASER (Laker Afterschool Science, Engineering, and Robotics) 3284 is a FIRST Robotics team located in the rural town of Camdenton, Missouri. Through Gracious Professionalism and extensive outreach, LASER continues to promote the message of FIRST on a local, state, national, and international level. Camdenton schools are the only public school district in Missouri to have all four progressions of FIRST and is one of six locations in the United States to pilot the FLL Jr Discovery program for Pre-K.

Camdenton R-III Schools is also one of twenty-eight FIRST Class schools worldwide.


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