FRC 2907, Lion Robotics

From Auburn , Washington, USA

The Auburn Mountainview High School robotics team is registered as Team 2907, Lion Robotics.


In 2009, our team began with eight students from four area high schools in Auburn, Washington. Membership dropped as the other three high schools started their teams. In 2012, our team rose to 64 active members. We constantly retain members and recruit students through our school and the progression of FIRST programs in our district. Our 2010 season was a learning experience as our design was full of troubleshooting nightmares. The experience made the team stronger and left us wanting to become better, moving forward we took the success from our rookie year, and the difficulties of our second year, and built upon them to create a successful robot. In our fourth year, our team attended two regional competitions, playing the elimination matches of each. During 2013, Lion Robotics found its breakthrough; this was the year our team changed our name from TRECC (The Robotics, Engineering, and Computer Club) to Lion Robotics, and started our first FTC team, 5953 Roarbotics. We also obtained our first opportunity to go to World Championships through the Chairman’s Award. In 2014, our team continued growing, finding success in both FTC and FRC. Our FRC team won the Auburn Mountainview District event and the first Pacific Northwest District Championship. As Lion Robotics ventured into our seventh season, Roarbotics continued to the Super Regional. In 2016, our team continued to grow FIRST teams in our community. 2017 was a huge year for Lion Robotics, with large successes from winning Chairman’s Award at the Auburn District event to competing on Einstein at World Championships.


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