From Diyarbak?r, Turkey

Hello everyone! We are Team Voltage and we are going to be one of the teams representing Diyarbakir in the regional robotic tournament that will be held in Istanbul.


Hi everyone! We as Team Voltage decided to introduce you our project! ain topic in our project is radiation. The reason why we chose this topic is we are thinking that radiation is one of the biggest problems which needs to be solved for us to discover the immense space. When we were thinking about our project, we wanted to make something really effective, cheap and possible to actually bring to life. Also we wanted to make our solution biological. So we began investigating. Many researches and ideas finally brought us an algae named Chlorella vulgaris. We were so excited because this algae was the thing we were looking for. Therefore we expedited our researches for what we can make with this algae and we decided to make a lotion. Then we started contacting with professors, experts and specialists about this algae and lotion idea. We contacted with over 200 professors, experts and specialists and by the informations we took from them, our thesis searches and and our library searches, we finally started to make our Chlorella vulgaris lotion. We worked in Dicle University Biochemistry Laboratory. After our many experiments with chlorella vulgaris to making it to be able to form in a lotion, we started making our lotion. Our lotion just have 2 ingredients. Water and quince pits. When you add quince pits into water and bring it to a boil. It starts to turn into lotion form. After preparing our lotion and chlorella vulgarises. We mixed them together and stired until its totally incorporated. WHAT IS CHLORELLA VULGARIS? Chlorella is an algae which hadnt evoluted in 2.5 million years thanks to its radioprotective feature. After many researches, we found out that the thing which gives chlorella vulgaris such unique characteristic is something called astaxanthin. After our many experiments, we learned that even inside lotion, astaxanthin still reflects radiation.


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